The EasyMoney building on Fulham Road is a catastrophe, it has replaced a beautiful bookshop and cafe. The "beach" as some residents remember it, used to be a thriving centre of our community and now it is a haven for drug dealing and littering. 

People have also told me of their concerns with over-development in the borough, with developers railroading planning officers and residents alike. Pushing through inappropriate designs which are not only against our own planning policies, but are not aligned to the needs of our residents or the areas they live in.

These developments replace local businesses that brought our community together and added to our lives. 

In Redcliffe, the Council has allowed EasyJet to dominate our high street, overshadowing all the other independent local shops in the area. The bright orange sign was erected without prior planning approval, and even though a retrospective application was applied for, it was turned down. But the signage is still up!!

This out of character and un-kept building is also causing residents’ concerns as it has become a meeting point for anti-social behaviour, drug dealing and rough sleepers.

As your voice in Redcliffe, J-F Burford will continue to hold your existing three councillors to account and make sure that this council enforces their own planning rules. 

Orange blight on the Fulham Road