Trusted to Hold the Tories to Account

Residents trust the Liberal Democrats to be their voice, from North Shropshire to Kensington and Chelsea people are starting to demand better. 

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£350,000 spent and nothing to show for it

The cycle lane on High Street Kensington was the only protected cycle lane in the whole of RBKC, and during its short life was a great success.

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Holiday Inn redevelopment paused, but not abandoned

The terrifying new plans for the Holiday Inn hotel and the poorly planned redevelopment for the South Kensington Tube station are just the start of the developments that threat our neighbourhood in Courtfield. 

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What’s the price of indecision? The Council must act on Beaufort Street

When will the Tory-led Council find a workable solution to the problem of Beaufort street? Just mention the dangerous junctions on Beaufort Street to anyone who lives in Chelsea, and they will immediately start recounting horror stories about trying to cross the road. 


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Orange Blight on the Fulham Road

The EasyMoney building on Fulham Road is a catastrophe, it has replaced a beautiful bookshop and cafe. The "beach" as some residents remember it, used to be a thriving centre of our community and now it is a haven for drug dealing and littering. 

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The most polluted air in the UK

As you know, air pollution is a cause of cancer, but you may not be aware that Kensington and Chelsea has the most polluted air in the United Kingdom.

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Bobbies not on the beat.

Police and residents fighting a losing battle against crime.

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Lib Dems WIN North Shropshire

The Liberal Democrats have declared ‘the party is over’ for Boris Johnson after their sensational by-election win in North Shropshire tonight.



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Meet the new K&C Liberal Democrat Executive


The following members were elected to the executive committee at our AGM on Wednesday 17 November 2021:


Chair: Jean-Francois Burford

Vice-Chair: Carmel McLoughlin

Secretary: Soon-Yeng Chiam

Treasurer: Christophe Noblet

Data Officer: Tim Verboven

Membership Development Officer: Margo Schwartz

Ordinary members of executive committee

Diversity Officer Blaise Baquiche

Events Alexandra Tatton-Brown

Fund-raising Daniel Borrero Fresno

Ordinary member Danny Meadows-Klue

Ordinary member Cassandra Pittman

Youth Officer (co-opted) Sam Dodgshon

Honorary President

Sarah Olney MP


Brian Orrell

Chris Shirley

Tony Somers

Congratulations to all and looking forward to an exciting 2022!


Developer Delancey silent on master plan


No Consultations with Local Residents have taken place.


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