Tackling the Housing Crisis

1 Oct 2023
Photo of a home in RBKC

Liberal Democrat conference passed a major housing policy that will support more social homes, tackle exploitation of leaseholders, and insulate homes to bring down energy bills.

As of April, 3,181 households were on the RBKC housing wait list. Lib Dems would tackle the shortage with a target of building at least 150,000 new social homes per year across the UK.

The Liberal Democrats will also make sure private renters also get a fair deal with the security and stability they need. We will introduce minimum safety standards for rental properties, end no-fault evictions and make it easier to sign longer-term tenancy contracts.

To bring down energy bills, Lib Dems would undertake an emergency programme to insulate all homes within 10 years as well as requiring strong standards for all new homes.

Too many leaseholders, including many cladding scandal victims, are faced with extortionate costs. Lib Dems will end the exploitation of leaseholders by abolishing the leasehold system for all residential properties and introducing commonhold systems.

Pembridge Lib Dem activist Sam Dodgshon said:    “These new housing plans will make a massive difference to local residents, particularly the most vulnerable. Lib Dems are leading the way on tackling the housing crisis.”

Photo of a home in RBKC