Lib Dems call for new community police hubs

9 Oct 2023
Picture of police officers

Under the Conservatives, Kensington & Chelsea has lost three of four police stations in just 20 years. Local Lib Democrats are calling for new police hubs to plug the gap.

“Residents tell me it is increasingly rare to see police out in our local communities and that emergency response times have got worse too.” Said local campaigner Souad Talsi. 

“Kensington & Chelsea Metropolitan Police are now based in Hammersmith, so it’s hard for them to build up trust and relationships with our local communities. We need to tackle burglaries, drug dealing and knife crime in our area with proper community-based policing.”

Over the past two years, police waiting times have skyrocketed. Victims of crime are waiting three times longer in London than in the rest of the country. To add insult to injury, crimes simply aren’t being solved. Over half of all burglaries go unsolved, as do nearly 3 in 4 motor vehicle thefts, according to Met Police statistics from the first three quarters of 2022.

The Kensington & Chelsea Liberal Democrats have launched a petition, calling on Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Conservative-run RBKC Council to create new police hubs in our Borough to make our streets safe again. It can be signed online at: 

Crime in numbers: 3 hour average met response time to 'less urgent' 999 calls, less than half of burglaries solved, 35% cut to Community Support Officers since 2015, 73% of motor vehicle thefts unsolved.