Earl's Court WIN at 2022 local elections

17 May 2022

For the first time ever, Earl's Court has returned two Liberal Democrat Councillors! 

After far too long Cllr. Linda Wade will be joined in the Council by another Liberal voice, committed to making our borough a fairer place for everyone. Cllr. Tim Verboven has been the rock of our local party for years, keeping us focused and committed, supporting every campaign and fighting for a better Kensington and Chelsea every day. 

Linda has earned the trust of Earl's Court through her unwavering dedication to the community and with another Liberal Democrat by her side we know the ward will thrive over the next four years. 

A huge thank you to everyone who made both Tim and Linda's victories possible. On Thursday 5th May, we struck a blow for the community that will have other parties thinking about their actions very carefully from now on. Christophe Noblet came just 6 votes short of gaining the final seat for the Liberal Democrats in Earl's Court. Labour and the Greens were far behind, demonstrating once and for all that the Liberal Democrats are the party residents trust to hold this Conservative-run Council to account.