Air pollution, it causes asthma and worsens respiratory conditions. Many of us here in the borough go to great lengths to keep ourselves healthy, and yet no matter how much we eat right and exercise, the air we breathe is the most polluted in the UK.

More than one in 12 of all deaths in the borough are caused by soot largely emitted by diesel engines. Furthermore, in 2019 a study by LiFE residential investigating the performances of London boroughs in the important areas of air quality, green space, street cleanliness and recycling facilities.

The approval rating of our recycling facilities hovers around the 70% mark, trailing behind MANY boroughs including Barking and Dagenham, Kingston upon Thames and Greenwich.

So, what is this Conservative run council doing to safeguard our health and wellbeing? Residents have begged the council to reconsider developments that will put more cars on already polluted roads, but the Tories have ignored both locals requests and their own planning regulations when considering new projects. Whilst green promises have been made - no clear action has been taken.

Promoting a greener borough and delivering more resources to establishing a green plan and empowering the community to get involved is a key pledge from the Kensington and Chelsea Lib Dems.

We want to put in place a viable plan to cut air pollution and make sure that our health isn't being sacrificed in the name of progress. 

K&C: The most polluted air in the UK