£350,000 spent and nothing to show for it!

The cycle lane on High Street Kensington was the only protected cycle lane in the whole of RBKC, and during its short life was a great success.

Cycling numbers more than doubled even within a few weeks, and for a brief time it made it possible to move across our ward safely, quickly, and an environmentally friendly way. The congestion during some of its life was caused by roadworks at the top end of the road, not as some have claimed, the lane.

It was truly a shame that the council did not adequately explain this fact, instead they spent a fortune trying to alleviate the traffic issues in a round-about and frankly ineffective way.

The Conservative-led Council has wasted over £350,000 of public money in putting up and taking down the bollards separating the cycle lane.

There’s no safe alternative for cyclists and it’s clear to see where this Conservative government’s priorities lie. They don’t care about the environment and they certainly don’t care about cyclists.

Help us bring back this valuable artery for cyclists travelling into the centre of London. Help us keep fighting for your right to cycle safely.

£350,000 spent and nothing to show for it!