The Conservatives have failed us locally and nationally. Inflation is out of control, crimes are going unsolved, and local businesses have lost trade because we were dragged out of the EU single market. 

We need change. We need decent housing that serves the needs of families, we need to tackle air pollution, and we need action on the climate crisis.


Meanwhile, Labour are too busy fighting among themselves to stand up for our area. Countless local members have quit their party, including their former Kensington MP who has now announced that she will be standing at the next election as an independent. 

All their infighting means that Labour cannot focus on the urgent needs of the constituents that they are taking for granted.

Bayswater action day

William's priorities for our area

There must be more decent homes for residents. Too many homes in our area are infested with pests, like rats and mice, or have damp and mould issues that can cause severe illness, especially for children. 

I will champion residents fighting against the unsafe use of cladding on their buildings and for those developers who have used it to be held to account.

Burglaries, drug dealing and knife crimes in our area are going unsolved. I will make sure that police work proactively with local communities to keep our streets safe. 

We need to tackle air pollution in our area. The Westway, Warwick Road and Earl’s Court Road are essentially motorways through residential areas and cause huge health problems for residents. I will be on the side of residents demanding better air quality. I will also fight for more investment in cycling and public transport.

Notting Hill Carnival is an integral part of our local heritage and cultural identity. I will always fight to make sure we celebrate the carnival on the streets of Notting Hill for years to come.