Developments must serve our communities -  They must not simply be financial investments. 

The Kensington and Chelsea Liberal Democrats do not oppose development in our borough. When done correctly, these projects have enormous potential to benefit our high streets, provide homes to locals, and make it possible for people from across the world to live in our wonderful home. 

Without proper control, however, they have the potential to become eyesores (e.g. EasyJet Fulham Road), cause endless noise (such as the spate of basement developments) or devastate our neighbourhoods. The plans to build a vast skyscraper on the site of the Holiday Inn off Gloucester Road were axed after a huge outcry, but residents must continue to be vigilant. In Earl's Court, it is vital that the development is managed properly with infrastructure already at its limit. Finally in Chelsea Riverside, the skyline is dominated by empty glass towers that could have housed new residents but are instead often being left to sit empty as investments. 

Vote Lib Dem, and help us hold developers and the Council to account. 

Development must serve our communities