Dangerous levels of air pollution in K&C

Trucks building new developments, more cars on the road, poorly managed one-way systems and non-existant protected cycle paths. What is the council doing to cut pollution? 

Air pollution is a leading cause of health problems in the borough and yet this Conservative-run council has taken no substantive action to fight this catastrophic threat. 

We need decisive action to make sure residents can breathe easy. Changes to one-way systems, a comprehensive plan for cycle paths in the borough that meets the needs of drivers, cyclists and nearby residents and businesses, and more air monitors to discover exactly where help should be targeted. After 60 years in power, the Conservatives should have called for these plans to be implemented. 

By voting Lib Dem, you can make sure there are voices calling for genuine action and holding this Conservative-run Council to account. 

Conservative councillors have made a show of the new electric charging points in the borough, but unless all residents of the borough are able to find tens of thousands of pounds to replace perfectly functional cars this is not enough and does not address Particulate Matter levels.

Dangerous levels of air pollution