Tim Farron says They Will Vote against Triggering Article 50

Tim Farron has made it clear that the position of the Liberal Democrats will be,

‘Unless the government agrees to a referendum on the final Brexit deal, the party will vote against Article 50’

Millions of people are deeply worried by the government’s handling of Brexit.

So my position is very clear: the Liberal Democrats believe that the people are sovereign.

They must decide whether or not they agree with the deal that the government reaches with Brussels, which means a referendum at the end of the negotiations where people can either vote for the deal or to remain in Europe.

We will vote against Article 50 unless it allows the people a vote on the deal, because the will of the people must prevail – both on departure and destination.

The government has no plan and their haphazard approach is leading us towards a disastrous version of Brexit which risks jobs, communities, security and the economic health of the nation.

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