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Who can vote in local elections? 

EU Citizens can vote in UK local elections alongside British, Irish and qualifying Commonwealth citizens on May 5th 2022. It's vital that you use your vote and have your say over who will represent you in Kensington and Chelsea Council. 

The Liberal Democrats are fighting for a fairer, safer, and greener borough for everyone. After 60 years of Conservative rule, it is vital that we have more hard-working Lib Dem councillors standing up for residents and holding the Council to account.

Check out our campaigns in Kensington and Chelsea here. 

You can register to vote here, it only takes a few minutes.

Make sure you cast your vote

If you think you will be away on May 5th, you have options to make sure your voice is heard. 

You can register for a proxy vote, allowing someone you trust to cast your ballot for you. Register for a proxy vote here. 

You can also register to vote by post this allows you to fill out your ballot at home and post it before election day.

The Liberal Democrats' new tool makes it quick and easy to register for a postal vote in a few simple steps. Click here to register for a postal vote.


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