Our Commitments to You

We want purpose.

Central to the purpose of a local authority should be taking responsibility for identifying residents’ needs and providing appropriate services, across core areas: housing, health, education, policing, and the environment.

We want change.

We are proud of our nation and its inclusive culture. We are proud to have worked tirelessly for all of Kensington and Chelsea's diverse population. Lessons need to be learnt from our recent Grenfell tragedy. We want to help people look ahead to better things, and to bring our community together. Let’s not go back to the failed policies or the divisive politics of the past.

We want action.

Many of the other parties may have made similar pledges. We have already been out there working for you. Vote Liberal Democrat for action, not words.

Our Council

  • We want to invest Council Tax in our community, after consulting with residents about their priorities and needs.
  • We want a committee-based system to replace the current cabinet-based decision-making system - meaning that decisions are made after the case has been presented, rather than reviewed after they have been made.
  • We believe in spending effectively now to save greater expense later.
  • We want to ensure proper scrutiny of all sizeable financial commitments before engaging in them.
  • We want to keep council reserves to legal requirements and not as a stockpile.

Our Air

  • We have been active on Air Quality, with Lib Dems initiating Air Quality Monitoring in K&C with Client Earth in 2015; following this up in 2017 with support from Friends of the Earth.
  • Earl's Court Councillor, Linda Wade, has campaigned for ‘Anti-Idling’ signs to be installed on K&C main streets.
  • We successfully co-ordinated a petition of residents to demand that the council debate the actual use of existing measures and powers to tackle the issue.
  • Cllr Wade used this to secure a debate after the Local Elections
  • We also took the petition to the Greater London Authority were Lib Dem GLA Member, Caroline Pidgeon, successfully secured a motion to get the Mayor to raise awareness of leaving engines running whilst idling.
  • We have worked with Imperial College students to study the impact of Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan’s proposed Ultra-Low Emission Zone, using Earl’s Court as a case-study.

Our Developments

  • We would like to see developers pay a fee to cover the cost of routine visits by an officer from the Building Regulation Team, in addition to any fees for planning permission.
  • This would enable enforcement officers to respond rapidly to building, noise, safety concerns or parking problems on a 24/7 basis.
  • It would also ensure that the works would be done to an approved standard, unauthorised works identified early, and residents’ concerns are dealt with so that they can get on with their lives.
  • We want developers to incorporate drainage that separates surface and rain water runoff, from dirty water and sewerage. 
  • We are particularly concerned about the impact of surface water and flooding around the Earl’s Court development and feel that further investigation is in the public interest.
  • To move things, forward our Earl's Court Councillors have worked with Tom Brake, Liberal Democrat MP, to question Sajid Javid MP, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, about flooding planning for large scale developments.

Our Earls Court

  • We have been consistently fighting for an Earls Court development for local people since Councillor Linda Wade campaigned to save the original Exhibition Centre.
  • Councillor Wade has spent the past year actively listening to the concerns of local businesses and has also raised the impact of dust and noise from the construction site to the Council.
  • We want a replacement development plan to have a range of local homes for local people, suitable for young and old, that fit in with the existing area and our architectural heritage.
  • We want guaranteed step-free access to the tube as part of the plan.
  • We do not support the creation of a Business Improvement District, as we believe the required levies will be too high for local small and medium sized businesses.
  • We want a green and sustainable replacement venue to support the local economy, for both local and national exhibitions, for our schools and communities, to produce sport, music and culture.

Our Europe

  • We are resolute in our belief that the best deal for the people of K&C is for the UK to remain in the European Union.
  • We have petitioned residents following the announcement of Brexit to get our council to recognise the rights of our EU citizens.
  • Our two Councillors, Andrew Lomas and Linda Wade, have petitioned the Council to do more for our EU citizens.
  • As a party, the Liberal Democrats are committed to a People’s Vote, and we will continue to campaign on the basis that the best deal for us now and in the future is to remain.

Our Residents’ Care

  • We want to rebuild the adult and child social care systems for Kensington & Chelsea, now that the Conservative agreement with Hammersmith & Fulham council has ended.
  • We want more day centres to be set up in RBKC.
  • We want to see the creation of a social enterprise to train and establish a high professional standard for carers in the borough

Our Streets

  • We want a considered strategy to tackle drug abuse and homelessness, looking at both the short and long-term.
  • We want a dedicated Police and Addiction officer team, with cross-service support and interaction to deal with prevention and rehabilitation of drug users and the homeless.
  • We want to increase the number of waste collections for our high-density blocks in Kensington and Chelsea, and in turn a decrease in the number in low density areas to provide the correct balance.
  • We want to increase street washing in areas with high footfall and near food outlets.
  • We want to reduce the number of telephone boxes on our streets to a level based on actual proper use, rather than based on advertising revenues.
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