Louise Rowntree for Chelsea & Fulham


Louise is a lawyer-turned-public affairs and communications consultant who grew up in Chelsea and now lives in Fulham.

One of the reasons Louise joined the Lib Dems was their pro-European, international and modern outlook – which she wants to give the residents of Chelsea and Fulham the chance to vote for.

Louise worked for several years in Brussels – where she ran Hill & Knowlton’s Trade & Competition department, met her husband and started a family. In 2012 she founded her own, niche, consultancy Rowntree & Associates and moved back to London soon after.

Louise was active in the Brussels Lib Dems, where she started the fun ‘Great Debate’ series of high-profile debates chaired by the Financial Times. Back in London, she could be spotted campaigning on the London Mayoral elections, the EU referendum and other issues.

For her work, Louise has personally advised heads of state, ambassadors, ministers, multinationals, NGOs and law firms.

Louise is married to Raphael, a Belgian lawyer, and has three boys.

For more information on Louise, please check out her website: http://www.louiserowntree4chelseafulham.org

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Twitter: @Louise_Rowntree

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LouiseRowntreeForChelseaFulham/

Contact Louise: [email protected]



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