LibDem Councillors Congratulate Elizabeth Campbell

Dear Elizabeth,

We would like to congratulate you on your election as Leader of the majority group at this difficult time for the borough. 

We look forward to hearing of your radical changes and hope that they will translate into meaningful change.

Essential to any change includes greater emphasis on the need for transparency and robust scrutiny, with full induction for every new member to a committee and top-up training being mandatory. Furthermore, membership of committees should be based on interest rather than on political nomination to demonstrate a wish to hear different opinions.

In particular, with your long experience of Family and Children's Services, we have particular requests that we would like you to consider:

  • Form an all party outreach committee of the council with a clear programme to engage the affected community and come back with a set of proposals.
  • Mental Health of the Community (possible avenues for professionals to continue to make themselves available):
  • Out of school programs have been cut in the area, maybe setting up plans for additional summer programming for late July and August. Finding appropriate spaces has been hard for volunteer groups such as Solidarity Sports to obtain, and perhaps a dispensation on the use of some of our parks might be considered and places made available for the arts and crafts part of summer programmes.
  • Not forgetting teenagers - extra sessions on exam topics, CV writing, sports, street theatre, film-making.
  • Including events for adults - work with park service for picnic, music in Avondale Park, community summer sports… (staff at the local sports centres were intensely involved in the aftermath).
  • Looking to the future, with the dislocation of Children's Services and Adult Social Care from the Tri-borough agreement next year, it is important that the services that we provide will be structurally robust and be able to deliver the long-term care required for the survivors without a reduction in the services needed to support existing residents.


We sincerely hope that there will be improved inter-party engagement to ensure that the true diversity of the borough can be reflected in both policy and practice.

Best wishes,

Linda and Andrew

Cllr. Linda Wade            Cllr. Andrew Lomas

Earl's Court Ward          Colville Ward

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