Lib Dem candidate makes housing centre of final pitch for votes

Kensington’s Lib Dem candidate Robin McGhee has said he would make housing is main priority if elected MP for Kensington tomorrow.

Robin said: “Housing is the issue that has come up constantly at this election, on the doorstep, at hustings and by email.

“If I am elected tomorrow I would make providing more affordable housing my first priority.

“The Lib Dems want to build an extra 300,000 affordable houses a year and provide government help for renters.

“Locally, I want to ensure areas such as the Earls Court Exhibition Centre are redeveloped with affordable housing, not with luxury flats like the Tories want.

“Support me tomorrow and I will work to ensure Kensington & Chelsea becomes a national success story for affordable housing, not the hotbed of international property speculation it has become under the Tories.”

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