12.30 pm Sat 2nd Nov: Join Sam Gyimah MP for a private election briefing

This is it. This is the last moment to Stop Brexit. If ever there was a time to get involved in politics, it’s now. Join Sam this Saturday!

We came first in Kensington in the European elections, and we’re ready to do it again.

You may never have been on a march or felt political before, but suddenly the liberal values and health of democracy that we’ve all taken for granted are under threat.

That’s why people across Kensington are stepping forward to help fight the destructiveness of a Brexit that would leave us poorer, weaker and isolated – ripping apart the families and communities across Kensington.

Brexit is a one-way door, and on the other side lies job losses, inflation, cuts to our NHS budgets, lower standards for food, falling environmental protection, and much, much worse.

Jo Swinson and Sam Gyimah offer you a positive alternative for the future. Their vision for us is to lead, not leave. Their vision is to revitalise public services, heal divisions, and tackle the causes of Brexit. Their vision depends on all of us pulling together over the next six weeks to stop Brexit and stop Corbyn

And they need you.

They need you this Saturday morning, as we kick-start Sam’s campaign here in Kensington.

Join Sam on Saturday. Join this exclusive briefing at 12.30pm, and be part of getting Kensington, London and the UK back on track! We have so much to be proud of: don’t let the lies of Johnson or the chaos of Corbyn take away your rights, freedoms and the UK’s positive future. The general election on 12 December is an election like no other. And here in Kensington the maths proves we can win.

I'll be there on Saturday!


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