EU Nationals & Brexit

BREXIT and EU nationals

Liberal Democrats, passionately believe that as part of the European Union Britain’s relationship with its neighbours is better and stronger. Whatever its imperfections, the EU remains the best framework for co-operating and  working effectively to pursue our shared aims.

Our 40+ year membership of the EU has led directly to greater prosperity, increased trade, investment and jobs, better security, and a greener environment. In addition, many EU nationals call our part of London their home, including Earl’s Court.

If you are one of Kensington and Chelsea's many EU residents we encourage you to vote on May 3.

Our Policy - Britain is better off in the European Union.

Liberal Democrats campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU, but the result of the 2016 referendum gave the Government a mandate to start negotiations to leave. The decision Britain took by a small majority was simply whether to remain in or to leave the EU. There was no option on the ballot paper to choose the shape of our future relationship with the EU on vital issues, including trade, travel or security.

Much remains uncertain about the current Prime Minister’s approach, but it is now clear that the Conservatives are campaigning for a Hard Brexit. This means leaving the Single Market, ending freedom of movement, and abandoning the Customs Union, even though these choices will make the UK poorer and disappoint many leave voters who wanted a different outcome.

Jeremy Corbyn has categorically said that any deal going forward cannot include continued Freedom of Movement which is a core requirement of being part of the Single Market. He has repeatedly said Labour intends to follow through with Brexit, and has sacked members of his shadow cabinet who have questioned this policy. Labour have given up and have voted with the Conservatives several times on key Brexit issues.

Brexit has had unforeseen consequences already. Young people voted overwhelmingly to remain but are being told their voices do not matter.  Urgent problems, such as the future of the NHS, are being neglected because of the sheer scale of the challenge posed by Brexit. Businesses are not being listened to. Uncertainty abounds.

When, and if, a deal is reached at the end of negotiations, the Conservatives want the decision on the final deal to be taken by politicians. Liberal Democrats believe the British people should have the final say. The referendum decision was taken by the people on scant information, and it needs to be confirmed by the people in possession of the full information on how Brexit will change their lives.

When the terms of our future relationship with the EU have been negotiated (over the next year on the Government’s timetable), we will put that deal to a vote of the British people in a second referendum. We want the alternative option of staying in the EU on the ballot paper. We continue to believe that there is no deal as good for the UK outside the EU as the one it already has as a member.

Our priorities are:

  • Protection of rights of EU citizens and UK citizens
  • Membership of the Single Market and Customs Union
  • Freedom of movement Opportunities for young people
  • Defending social rights and equalities
  • Maintaining environmental standards
  • Law enforcement and judicial co-operation
  • British business and jobs                 
  • Science and research funding    
  • Respect for the interests of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar

Vote Liberal Democrat on Thursday 3 May to strengthen our support of EU Nationals' rights.

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