Marc Goldfinger for Courtfield


Marc Goldfinger (PhD), is the expert voice for Courtfield

Marc Goldfinger has been a resident and student based in Courtfield for over 8 years, having gained his doctorate at Imperial College London in Neuroscience.

Marc has always been incredibly passionate about engaging with new policies and innovations to support our local communities and protecting the environment. A keen promoter of teaching STEM subjects to students, Marc has championed education as a key pillar to a strong and productive community and policy development.

This is Marc's first time standing for a Councillor position with the Lib Dem party, and hopes to bring a new sense of perspective engaging with policy to improve our environment, promote the construction of new public spaces and establish policies to support residents and business owners.

Marc currently works in developing tools in artificial intelligence and cancer care, and hopes to bring the innovations of the tech world to RBKC.


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