Bobbies not on the beat.

Police and residents fighting a losing battle against crime.

The police are fighting hard to protect us in Kensington & Chelsea, but they do not have the resources they need.

There are fewer officers on the streets and more crimes going unsolved We must clamp down on rising incidences of theft, burglary, muggings and ASB in the borough.

The police are stretched too thin. Our situation has been made all the worse by the closure of our police stationsʼ front counters, slow response times, and the lack of visibility of our Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

Residents tell me they want a return to community policing where they know and trust the men and women who protect them; but this is near to impossible with so few police available. Officer numbers have been increased in their hundreds across London, yet not a single new officer was assigned to Kensington & Chelsea.

The blame for this does not rest solely with the council; but they should have fought harder, they should have stood up for us, and they should not have left us without the police we desperately need. 

If you agree with us and believe that we need more voices in council fighting residents corner, please consider donating to our campaign fund, every donation goes makes a difference - DONATE NOW.


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