Annabel 4 Kensington


Annabel was born and brought up in London and feels passionately about it. She is also strongly pro-European.

Annabel’s expertise and specialism is the criminal justice system, not only does she have explicit practical experience of working with the law and administering it, as a police officer, magistrate and assistant forensic psychologist, but is also currently pursuing a doctorate in criminal behaviour. 



Annabel has worked with the Liberal Democrats since 2008 and is committed to Liberalism, particularly in this illiberal age. She recently helped produce the Lib Dem Security and Liberty Policy, challenging the snoopers charter and balancing data protection and the needs of criminal justice agencies and the security services.

Annabel lived in Kensington and Chelsea throughout her childhood and even her parents still live in the borough. Annabel is married and has three young children.

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