Al Fresco Dining should stay


Al fresco dining brought a positive atmosphere to our streets and we should keep it in place.

Al fresco dining was implemented this year before the summer to help local pubs, bars and restaurants in Kensington and Chelsea to bounce back after lockdown. Lib Dem Councillor Linda Wade has advocated hard to get this initiative to K&C
streets at a time when our local businesses were struggling during the pandemic.

The project has been a great success with more than 450 businesses across the borough have applied for a licence
to offer al fresco seating to their clientele, including here in Redcliffe. But the measures are temporary and these licences are to expire. The Liberal Democrats are asking for these measures to remain in place permanently to support our businesses.

JF Burford, Lib Dem activist said “Al fresco dining not only helped our businesses at a difficult time, but also created a positive atmosphere in our streets and we should keep it in place.”

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